When you need art imagery that will inspire your Color Boards and Concept Packages, why do a random computer search for images when you can present current artists that can be included in your projects? 

When your client is ready to take the Next Step, you have your client's buy-in for their artwork and we will have a complete art presentation for you, ready-to-go.  

This is a free service for those of you who specialize in multi-faceted art projects.

It's easy. Take your personal Mini-Survey, below. You will choose from current artists and artists from the locale of your project, selected to meet your objectives. 

Our Best Practices honed over 25 years of continuous practice, ensure an end result that is inspiring, satisfying and meets all of your objectives.  

It’s quick and efficient and custom and works to start the dialog about what art and how art will inspire your project.

And best of all, it is right here, ready for you to begin.

Perfect for Interior Designers, Interior Space Planners, Architects, Project Managers, Facilities Managers and End Users whether for Boutique or Destination Hotels, High-End Residential, Medical Centers, Corporate or University Campuses.

With all of the art and talented artists you can possibly imagine, and new partnerships we have, with knowledge, innovation and critical thinking utilizing cutting edge hardware, software and materials, you will have artwork that is customized, exactly to your needs that won't break the bank. 

We print on almost any substrate, up to 2" deep, with reasonable pricing. Add cnc and/or die cutting and install directly to the wall or create a product-such as a chandelier - don't forget the ceiling . See more at:

We offer:

  • Art Consulting
  • Printing LEED + All Substrates and Engineered into Products
  • Art as Architectural Details
  • Guest Room Art
  • Landscape Sculpture
  • Entitlements/Public Art
  • Custom Framing/Contract Framing
  • Security Installation

Art for New Construction and the Renovation of:

  • Boutique + Destination Hotels
  • High-End Residential
  • Medical Centers
  • Corporate + University Campuses


The Steps

What You Do:

  • Take the survey – (1) survey per Concept Location. Take the survey with your Ultimate Decision Makers (UDM) – Clients and End Users to bring everyone on board from the start. You now have us to guarantee your results!
  • If you have an exact piece of art in mind or artist, send us a link, we may be able to get you the exact piece of art or find art very similar to it for you.

What We Do:

  • We will send you options per Concept Location. You will most likely find your favorite option in the First Presentation. If not, with your suggestions, we will customize a Second Presentation. On a rare occasion, you will be provided a 3rd Presentation.
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What You Accomplish:

  • Your Client’s Buy-in.
  • Custom Art Tailored to your Style, Subject Matter, Color Palette and Budget.
  • A Custom Art Package Ready-to-go when your Project Moves Forward.
  • Best Practices honed over 25 years of continuous practice.
  • Inspiring, satisfying results that meet all of your needs and objectives. 
  • Current artists and artists from the locale of your project.
  • You now have us to guarantee your results!

We Deliver the Difference and the Total Art Solution

Recent Testimonials

"You did an amazing job for us on this project. I hope to work with you again. Congratulations!"- Designer, Woodland Hills, CA

"The best client I have ever worked for." - Artist, Corvallis, Montana