Art in entry, residence in Encino, CA.

Art in living room, residence in Encino, CA.

Art in bedroom, residence in Encino, CA.

How the Process Works

Our clients come to us with many different scenarios. Our 25+ years of experience ensures that The FAM Process produces quality results. During our introduction of FAM to you, Fine Art Matters will present The FAM Flow Process which outlines the necessary steps taken to ensure an effective outcome. FAM then initiates the Creative Discovery Process - a mini-scoping meeting. This is where we ask five to eight questions to focus on your needs.

What is important to include in the project and the scope of the project will be determined. The Ultimate Decision Makers can move on to other things knowing, that they have voiced their opinion and are aware of the direction the art will take and about how many art pieces will be selected.

This meeting is inspirational. With some probing, the scope of possibilities that will customize and individualize your environment and create a strong visual support of your company image, will become apparent. It will be time well spent.

Having everyone involved early in the process, is a powerful time saver. Believe me – everyone involved will be pleased to have taken the time. This will provide for a successful and joyful end result.

The results of this interview, plus our years of experience and unique approach to analyzing each project leads to the FAM Scope of Work Document which presents information and recommendations based on this analysis. The FAM Scope of Work  is presented for review and establishes the guidelines and necessary design and project management services to insure that a satisfying outcome meets your objectives. Our inventiveness and talented team will transform your messaging beyond your expectations to create amazing results.

FAM Design Services include: a custom menu of art selections presented on a 32” screen as well as a presentation of original fine art, sample art that represents the end result, some art presented directly by artists, some art viewed conceptually in location and modification of art selections to meet revised needs.

FAM Professional Project Management Services include: that the criteria issued for commissions and framing is scheduled to produce exact specifications and meet the desired completion date; includes the receipt of shipments; insurance certificates; loading dock coordination; professional installation supervision and professional art security installation. From the Interview, through our Creative Discovery Process, we become part of your valuable Project Management Team. Your project is treated like a seamless whole, from the Discovery Phase to Concept to Presentation to a successful and satisfying Outcome that meets your Objectives.

FAM Presentation Portfolio: is a portfolio of your designed space that melds our creative design approach with your needs to inspire and support the careful planning of your space. This is an easy-to-use Presentation that informs you and perhaps the Board of Directors, Investors, Committee Members, or an Ultimate Decision Maker(s), who may or may not be in your same location. We spell out the process we have taken, beautifully displayed. It also serves as a reference tool as your project comes to life and can be used after your project completes for insurance, buy-outs or follow-ups.

We recommend selections, customize and purchase any and all of the fine art that supports your message. This means, we extend our reach beyond framed interior art, to include exterior art, sculpture, mobiles, custom murals, custom rugs, and accessories.

We look forward to being part of your successful Project Management Team!