Art Consulting for your Home or Office - Room by Room. ArtSelect4U reaches you where you are, at the time that is most convenient for you, with what you need - Room by Room.

Get the eye, the experience and resources of established art advisors with 25+ years of experience to help you narrow your selections to the perfect art for your home, office, exteriors or wherever art will inspire your life.

Select the perfect addition for your room or office, and you decide how much you want to spend. You pay a flat fee and receive up to 10 options that meet your specific requirements.

Finally, finish your space with confidence and the artwork that you have always wanted. Easy, affordable and as you want it!

Your new look is waiting for you! Please see our Testimonials, below.

(c) 2015 David Patrick Columbia & Jeffrey Hirsch/

(c) 2015 David Patrick Columbia & Jeffrey Hirsch/

How it Works

Take our brief Survey (one survey per wall.) Pay the $198 flat fee per room via Pay Pal (we will email you a link once we receive your Survey) and you are ready to receive:

10 Options Per Art Location that will Meet Your Criteria:

  • Tailored to your Style, Subject Matter and Color Palette
  • Within Your Budget
  • Your final selections added to your photograph for your final OK.
  • Installation guidance and 'how to take care of your new art'. *Security installation available.

Take your survey now and get started living with artwork that inspires, completes your space and brings to life your look and feel. You'll love living with your new 'friends'.

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The Steps

What You Do:

  • Take the survey – (1) survey per art location. Take the survey with your ultimate decision makers (UDM) – your husband; wife; son; daughter; partner, business partner; Administrative Assistant; key employees.
  • If you have an exact piece of art in mind or artist, let us know, we may be able to get that art for you.
  • Take a photograph of each location for your art . We will add your final selections into your image for your final OK.

What We Do:

  • We will send a presentation for you with 10 options ‘to scale’ per location. You will most likely find your favorite option in the First Presentation. If not, with your suggestions, we will customize a Second Presentation. On a rare occasion, you will be provided a 3rd Presentation.

* If you are not satisfied, after your Presentation One, you will have the option to cancel our agreement and get your money back or proceed to your satisfaction with a Presentation 2 and/or 3 with no money back guarantee. 

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Pricing and Testimonials

$198 art consulting services per room.

"You have helped me make my house so personal and so beautiful to me! Thank you for taking it on!!!"--Homeowner, Encino, CA

"The best client I have ever worked for."--Artist, Corvallis, Montana

"You did an amazing job for us on this project. I hope to work with you again. Congratulations!"--Designer, Woodland Hills, CA

Our Best Practices honed over 25 years of continuous practice, ensure an end result that is inspiring, satisfying and meets all of your objectives.