Beautiful Residence in Encino / by Trish Garrett Fox

BRIEF: The client’s children had both left home and she wanted to update her house to reflect her new lifestyle. She chose an interior designer whose look she loved. The art needed to work with the new interiors that the designer was creating, but they also needed to be interesting, beautifully made and reflect a personal story and aesthetic close to the client’s heart.  This, after all, was her new solo palace.

PLAN: The new furnishings are grey and off-white with touches of gold and sparkles of glass.  The walls are gray, light pewter and soft green.  The gardens reflect natural light into the house.  There is an overall sophisticated, understated and feminine feel to the house.  Art should be materials and process based.  It must reflect quality and taste.

PROCESS: FAM's design services included a custom menu of art selections presented digitally, complemented by a presentation of original fine art and samples of art to support the objective. Professional project management services included that commissions and framing be produced to exact specifications and meet the desired completion date. The receipt of shipments, installation supervision and professional security installation were overseen by a FAM team member.


  1. Silver Plating on Distressed Burlap, Layers of Resin and incising on Metal, Oil Enamel and Patina on Bronze, Acrylic on Bronze Mesh, Stoneware and Metal, Recycled Books and Gold Leaf, all come together to tell a story of interesting materials.
  2. Use of Wall Sculpture allows framing to be kept to a minimum.  Where framing is used, it is custom and carefully chosen to work with the art and the interior.
  3. The objective of elegant feminine sophistication for a professional woman are beautifully met with the finished pieces of art.  A clear example are the books used in the wall piece for the den.  The re-purposed pages are from texts that the client chose.
  4. The art works presented by FAM and chosen by the client and her designer work seamlessly with the interiors.


  1. The art was all custom commissions and reflects the client's personal taste.
  2. Simple sophistication and sparing use of color mean the interiors work as a whole.
  3. The client is overjoyed with her new space and loves her new art!

Testimonial: "You have helped me make my house so personal and so beautiful to me! Thank you for taking it on!!!"