Glass Mosaic Mural Downtown LA / by Trish Garrett Fox

Fine Art Created through the City of Los Angeles Arts Development
Program: Beautiful Paintings Become Glass Exterior Mosaic Architectural Features
Los Angeles, CA
148,000 square feet

THE PROJECT: located in the heart of the Fashion District in Downtown Los Angeles, is a wholesale showroom building. It is a multi-level complex with 132 commercial condominium units on three above ground levels with four subterranean levels. This building is a prime spot for buyers, ranging from local retailers to high-end department stores for everything related to fashion.

THE ART: needs to be scaled to the exterior architectural alcoves of the building, the subject matter being of particular importance to the building’s owner. Six exterior alcoves are 26’Hx11’W and are a configuration of two triptychs; one triptych each for the North/East and South/East corners of the building. Four additional exterior alcoves are 26’Hx22’W, two each on the North and South building exteriors.

FAM PROCESSES: Project Management services included submitting renderings and budget details of the artwork to be executed for credit toward the Arts Development Fee obligation to the Department of Cultural Affairs. Final Reporting Documents were submitted and terms of the Final Art Plan were met. The artwork plan includes identification plaques installed on visible locations of the building exterior. Art Design services included art selections presented to support the Client’s objectives. Commissioning art; guiding the commission process and leading meetings between artist and client. Production Management Services included finding appropriate vendors to create the tile murals and plaques as well as interviewing and vetting installers for quality of product and accountability; coordination of receipt of art; framing of original final paintings for client's office and delivery and security installation of framed art. The desired completion date was met.

Mosaic Mural


  1. The Angel triptychs on the corners of the building’s exterior celebrate Los Angeles, joyously reminding us of the profound name, the “City of Angels,” that was given to the city. 
  2. The murals depict renowned international cities known for their forward thinking fashion industry, unique iconography and memorable beauty. Los Angeles and Paris are depicted on the North building exterior, with New York and Milan depicted on the South building exterior. With Los Angeles architecture, fashionable lifestyle, arts and cultural organizations, these murals celebrate Los Angeles as an international innovator on par with the most renowned cities in the world.
  3. Ten paintings were commissioned as custom designs. The aesthetic is enhanced with the choice of glass tiles as the selected medium.


  1. The paintings were translated by 5/8”x 5/8” tesserae glass mosaic tiles made in Italy to create the detail of the imagery in a pixel technique.
  2. The medium interprets the subject matter and our perception of the subject matter, and comes to life when viewed from various distances and vantage points.
  3. The mosaics are installed on the outside of the building for all to enjoy.