Nature Art for Regional Hospital / by Trish Garrett Fox

Fine Art for Regional Medical Center
40,000 square feet

BRIEF: The hospital is a not-for-profit, regional Medical Center dedicated to providing high quality, cost effective health care services to their residents.  The Medical Center offers a full range of services from local primary acute care to highly specialized regional services. Basic to the mission is a commitment to continuously strive to improve the status of health by reaching out and serving the needs of a diverse ethnic, religious and cultural community. The Medical Center provides the surrounding community with access to state-of-the-art technology, access to valuable wellness education programs and plays an active role in helping individuals maintain a healthy lifestyle. 

PLAN: The art reflects the natural environment. Large scale nature photography is printed on an art grade aluminum substrate. No wood is used in the framing, mounting, hanging or printing of the artwork.
The placement is in the main floor of the Radiology and Lab Corridors.  The hallways are long and the art helps to provide a pleasing distraction and a healthy perception of nature as people walk or are taken to their destinations. The ceilings are low so the art creates an expansive feel. 

PROCESS: FAM provided a custom menu of art design services including, the art selections presented digitally, complemented by a presentation of original fine art to support the objective. Professional project management services included that commissions and framing be produced to exact specifications and meet the desired completion date. The receipt of shipments, installation supervision and professional security installation were overseen by a FAM team member.


  1. All original fine art photography of nature subjects printed on an art grade aluminum substrate. Aluminum box frames on the back of each piece gives 1.25"D offset from the wall. No wood is used. Directions for easy anti-bacterial upkeep of the art is provided. Artwork is security installed with unique hardware that aids in the quick installation of a deep stand-off frame.
  2. 6 artists and 3 publishers provided FAM with high res files sized to print. Artwork is all original fine art photography and not mass-produced.  It has a sophisticated feel and shows that care and time was taken in picking the art so that the visitors and patients feel that they are cared for, well taken care of and have peaceful, visual inspirational places to go.


  1. The Art reflects the local area, provides a soothing atmosphere and has no wood to meet the client’s objective.
  2. Clean, sophisticated presentation without framing has a modern appeal.
  3. The client is very happy with their finished interior.