Original Photographs of Iconic Locations as Icebreakers with Repeat Patients / by Trish Garrett Fox

OUTPATIENT WOUND CARE SERVICES - Regional Medical Center, 4,225 square feet

Artwork for Outpatient Wound Care Services Employs Beautiful Photographs of Major Cities as Conversation Starters for Patients with Many Visits. Public Lands Imagery Soothes Patients.


Inside a plexiglass tube filled with pressurized oxygen, patients rest on a bed, talk on the phone, watch a movie, sleep or are soothed by art while they heal, chronic wounds in 90-minute increments.

This is using hyperbaric oxygen therapy, now being introduced to local patients, at this Regional Medical Center, five days a week.

'Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) is a therapy that enhances the body's natural healing process by putting the patient in an enclosed environment in which he or she inhales 100% oxygen.  The result is that the amount of oxygen in the patient's blood is increased, which in turn restores the normal levels of blood gases and tissue function to promote healing and fight infection. HBOT is an effective therapy that is used to supplement other advanced wound care treatments.'

Used for several decades, hyperbaric oxygen therapy allows patients to heal in 20 to 30 sessions as they breathe 100 percent oxygen.


Art needs to reflect iconic locations ranging from destination cities to national parks in exam rooms with soothing nature images in reception, waiting, corridors and doctor's office. These iconic locations will serve as conversation starters, as patients visit these locations in exam rooms, with doctors and nurses during their many repeat visits.


FAM lead a brief scoping meeting to uncover the needs of the various stakeholders, provided an exciting selection of art options presented digitally, complemented by a presentation of original fine art to support the objective. Professional art services included, locating the art on the client's floor plan, scaling the artwork per location for variety and a customized look and met the quick turn-around. Project management services included professional security installation and installation supervision.

Screen Shot 2017-09-21 at 10.37.46 AM.png


  • Direct print to a specialized aluminum substrate made for fine art printing.
  • A durable finish, not requiring glass or wood.
  • Easy to dust or clean with mild soap and water or a water and bleach solution.
  • Framing without wood or glass included a 1.25"D matte black metal, recessed back frame.
  • A clean, direct, contemporary compliment for a newly designed interior, providing a lovely finish in reception, waiting, exam rooms, doctor's office and corridors. 
  • Selection of high resolution files to print with sharp focus to the desired output sizes.
  • The creation of ready to print files for production. 
  • Specialized security hardware for quick installation of the deep recessed frame.
  • A security installation technique that is made, to be easily removed and rehung by the client if needed.


  • Beautiful display of color, light and atmosphere for soothing and inspiring repeat visits. 


Great, love it, it’s beautiful! My favorites are the poppy fields. - Director of Outpatient Programs