What IS an Art Consultant?? / by Trish Garrett Fox

Art Consultants do many things. Think of us as Architects, Interior Designers and Landscape Designers who specialize in the art aspects of your projects--adding texture, color and interest that supports the whole.  A personal painting for your living room remodel, an inspiring sculpture for your office entrance, custom lighting designed by an artist for your huge hotel project. Art either incorporated into your architectural plan from the onset of your design or as the secondary aspect of wall art. The only limiting factor is imagination, not budget. Any project size, scale, style or budget we will tackle and you will give your projects that unique special touch with art.

Here are some of our helpful services to add to the overall success of your project:

  • A simple yet comprehensive look at your needs and objectives with 1 Mini Scoping Meeting
  • Art Locations Added to Your Floor Plan for your Overall Comprehensive View
  • Each Art Location Planned with Scale, Quantities and your Financial Parameter
  • ArtSelect4U - Online Art Consulting at your Convenience-Room by Room. Select the perfect addition for your room or office, and you decide how much you want to spend. You pay a flat fee and receive up to 10 options that meet your specific requirements.


  • ArtConcepts4U - Online Concept Board Art and Art Presentations at your Convenience. When you need art imagery that will inspire your Color Boards and Concept Packages, why do a random computer search for images when you can present current artists that can be included in your design schematic in 1 step?


  • ArtStore - Art Purchases from our Online Store. View work here by Local and Renowned artists: