Stunning New Textural Pieces by One of Our Favorite Artists! / by Trish Garrett Fox

Incredible textures are created by enameling and copper plating plaster, on burlap.  Check out the images below.

In his words: My inspirations and visions derive from my personal heritage that is intimately involved with both pre-Columbian gold and shamanism. This gives me the impetus to create, in the belief that the glitter of metals is more than mere reflections, more than optically perceived phenomena. 

Moving away from the traditional two dimensional painting, the findings allow me to codify and translate my work into a new metaphysics of the "painted surface" and toward a new form of abstraction. This abstraction is embodied on different processes such as tearing and hand stitching canvas or by forcing plaster to burlap fabric. Light, shadows and an infinity of scintillations emerge to become then, the subject matter of the new relief-like works.
The works evoke then an incredible sense of light, space, movement and time. My key elements in art are plaster, metallic plated paints and thread.

My aspiration is to transmit a magical and fertilizing energy to humanity through my works and to follow my passion for artistic possibilities in contemporary art.