Fine Art at a Beer Distributor's Corporate Office / by Trish Garrett Fox

A 1,000 Square Feet Dramatic Large Scale Painting
Orange County, CA

BRIEF: Murals are dramatic large scale paintings that inspire through scale, story telling and style. We conceive creative concepts that take advantage of unique interior features and transform our client's messaging beyond their expectations.

PLAN: The owner, marketing director and Board of Director's wanted to make a statement. They were proud of a 150 year history, a unique aspect of their company. Yet they were state of the art, today.

PROCESS: Through our Creative Discovery process we learned that their market was youthful in their interests and enjoyed the outdoors and sports. This Distributor spent much of their time sponsoring youthful, outdoor events such as volley ball and soccer tournaments and surfing contests. They had a recognizable branding that they were proud of. They embraced traditions as well. Their product originated from the earth.

Beer Mural

Their Entrance/Reception Area shared a unique interior feature. A two story curved wall that started behind the Reception Desk on the first floor over the first floor entrance and into their seating/waiting are. What better way to say who you are then to take advantage of this unique interior setting and tell their story in a big, bold, beautiful way. The artist selected was chosen for his exacting illustrative painterly style to get the detail in one large original painting. Three approaches to the themes were presented in pencil drawings. Pieces of several comprehensives were selected. The artist combined the elements into one pencil drawing. The pencil drawing was then translated with color. The color comprehensive was presented to our client. After minor adjustments were made, the artist began translating the artwork to a large canvas in the artist's studio. Progress photos were presented to the client in stages and the clients input was incorporated when necessary. After months of painting the originals were delivered to the site and adhered to the existing surface wall by professional mural installers. A team of 3 installers completed the installation of 1,000 square feet of original paintings in one day. A protective finish was applied to the walls, the back surface of the canvas, and the front surface of the painting.

OUTCOME: The client was pleased to tell their story in a transformative way. It is unique story told in a big bold visual way.