Fine Art for Veteran Affairs / by Trish Garrett Fox

Greater Los Angeles Healthcare
Dramatic Large Scale Paintings
10H' X 16W' Entrance Mural
10H' X 27W' Dining Hall Mural

BRIEF: Murals are dramatic large scale paintings that inspire through scale, story telling and style. We conceive creative concepts that take advantage of unique interior features and transform our client's messaging beyond their expectations.

PLAN: The Director of Nutrition wanted to her patients to feel respected, esteemed and validated. She wanted to encourage her patients to eat healthy.

PROCESS: Through our Creative Discovery process we learned that the patients would be lined up, waiting to enter the Dining Hall. Hungry and perhaps impatient, we felt that this audience would be embraced with a soothing and captivating environment which a mural can achieve.

Three artists were presented to the client. After the client accepted one bid, three themes were presented in pencil drawings. Pieces of several comprehensives were selected. The artist combined the elements into one pencil drawing. The pencil drawing was then translated with color. The color comprehensive was presented to our client. After minor adjustments were made, the artist began translating the artwork to a large canvas in the artist's studio. Progress photos were presented to the client in stages and the clients input was incorporated when necessary. After months of painting the originals were delivered to the site and installed by professionals. A protective finish was applied to the walls, the back surface of the canvas, and the front surface of the painting.

Veteran Affairs

OUTCOME: To embrace the patient we suggested a theme of serenity in the waiting hall and at the same time tying together a theme that would continue in the Dining Hall.
Two murals were created. A 10' X 16' original painting of a serene landscape for the Waiting Hall that would represent a scenic of the greater environment outside of where the Dining Hall is located, a pastoral setting with birds flying freely while fresh food grew up close on the rolling hills. Vivid, rich mid value hues were used in the foreground depicting freshly growing food with serene ocean tones extending out to the vast horizon line. A 10' X 27' original dramatic painting works with interior elements and wraps to the adjacent wall. Here the Veterans eat their meal. The look and feel carries forward the larger environment outside the immediate location. Spanish tile roof s were depicted to tie in the immediate area. Cultural diversity and inclusiveness is represented by musicians in an open air farmers market. Soothing, entertaining, transforming our clients message beyond their expectations. Fresh fruit and vegetables, fresh flowers waiting to be purchased surround the diners with encouragement and hope and discovery.