Fine Art at Children’s Hearing Center / by Trish Garrett Fox

Los Angeles, CA

BRIEF: The Center for Childhood Communication provides audiology and speech language pathology services to children with hearing loss from birth to adulthood. Its mission is to help children with hearing loss achieve developmental, academic and social outcomes that are commensurate with their hearing peers. The audience includes children, their parents and relatives, doctors, therapists, staff, and board of trustees.

PLAN: The artwork needs to have a Los Angeles theme; have a vintage feel in acknowledgment of the surrounding buildings; have a contemporary feel in acknowledgment of the cutting edge work being achieved at this facility; as well as be interesting to children; have a sophisticated look and feel for other audiences such as donors and staff and use the institution’s color palette to brand.

PROCESS: Art design services included a custom menu of art selections presented digitally and complemented by a presentation of original art to support the Client’s objectives. Professional Project Management services included commissioning art and framing to be produced to exact specifications as well as meet the desired completion date; receipt of shipments and coordination of receipt of art; supervision of decal mural installation and security installation of framed art.

Children's Hearing


  1. Nature photography with a vintage effect is placed in the staff offices that are visited by patients and their families as well as in interior corridors.
  2. A storytelling decal art mural of animals, palm trees, birds, butterflies, vintage bikes and planes is incorporated on the walls of the main corridors.
  3. The artwork is playful for a child’s imagination but also engaging for adults.
  4. Mirrors strategically placed at various heights allow children and adults to stop and consider their reflection among the three main corridors of decal art murals.


  1. The two artists who were chosen for the vintage effect photography inspire a unique approach to Los Angeles iconography.
  2. The colors chosen for the decal art murals in the 3 main corridors share the same color palette as the entrance Reception/Waiting Area continuing the color palette throughout the facility.
  3. The artwork offers a unique approach to ‘What’s on your Walls?’ a Fine Art Matter’s slogan.
  4. The artwork is unique, engaging and meets the needs of its varied audiences.