Fine Art at Broad Scale Commercial Bank Irvine / by Trish Garrett Fox

Irvine, CA
3500 Square feet
Interior Architect: Choy Associates 

BRIEF:  The Irvine Branch Office: serves small and mid-size businesses, entrepreneurs, emerging private wealth, high net-worth individuals, high net-worth institutions and their principals, other bankers and investment bankers. This includes all types of businesses; and all ages. The audience also includes employees.

PLAN: The art needs to be rich, elegant, comfortable and contemporary, abstract but not far out modern, some recognizable artists, using unique and varied mediums. Artwork will look smart, competent, well-designed and high quality to represent the highest quality of service. Quality and well designed art to equal trust. Artwork will be accessible, unique and identifiable to this client. The colors in the art will be cheerful and warm; colors that make people feel good.

PROCESS: FAM's design services included a custom menu of art selections presented digitally complemented by a presentation of original fine art and sample art to support the objective. Professional project management services included that commissions and framing were produced to exact specifications and to meet the desired completion date; the receipt of shipments; insurance certificates; loading dock coordination; installation supervision and professional security installation were all overseen.



  1. Striking, rich, unique and varied presentation of one-of-a-kind commissioned fine art, limited editions prints on fine art paper, an abstract paper series and digital prints. Simple modern framing completes the stunning look.
  2. The mediums used include: 24K gold plating on distressed canvas; high resolution digital scans of natural objects, a natural fiber handmade paper series and digital prints on paper.
  3. The main focal areas are in the conference room and the teller walls. The teller walls are a series that wrap around two walls and the piece in the conference room can be see from many areas of the office since the walls are glass.


  1. The art represents the quality and attention to detail associated with this bank. It is fresh and modern while still being accessible.
  2. Unique pieces were commissioned to achieve the high quality associated with this bank.
  3. The colors are gold and black paired with striking blues and warm soothing neutrals.