Fine Art at the Dean's Offices / by Trish Garrett Fox

School of Medicine
Los Angeles, CA 

BRIEF: The 5th Floor represents this institution's School of Medicine to the world and needs to make a statement to visitors. The audience includes highly regarded faculty, researchers, doctors, scientists, new recruits and perspective donors. The art needs to impress both men and women of all nationalities, from all over the world. This includes the student body as well as staff and long time faculty. The age range is 22+ with the average age being 40.

PLAN: The art needs to be intelligent, friendly, professional, respectful, reasonable in cost and reflective of the Dean's prominence as a medical doctor, inventor, scientist and administrator and whose many interests include a personal interest in art. The art needs to reflect cutting edge smart but not Ivy League.

PROCESS: FAM's design services included a customized menu of possible art selections presented digitally on a 32” screen as well as a presentation of original fine art. Some art was viewed conceptually in location via pdf/photoshop. FAM provided professional project management services to insure that the criteria issued for commissions and framing was scheduled and produced to exact specifications to meet the desired completion date; receipt of shipments and insurance certificates; loading dock coordination; installation supervision and professional security installation.

Deans Offices


  1. A confident, rich, unique and varied presentation of limited editions prints on various substrates and finished without glass creates an immediate and modern point of view.
  2. Additional limited edition prints of art are traditionally framed.
  3. The art represents abstract work as well as stylistically layered fine art photography of recognizable local iconography.


  1. This strong statement of professionalism creates a beautiful and compelling atmosphere.
  2. The colors are rich and upbeat.
  3. The artwork is unique and impressive and respects the institutions global audience, the institution and the Dean's prominence.