Fine Art at High End Medical Satellite Clinic / by Trish Garrett Fox

Beverly Hills, CA
13,000 Square Feet
Interior Architecture: RTKL Associates - Miami; Principal: Gina Goodin

BRIEF: Patients are trustees, donors and big supporters of the local, name sake institution. This is a prominent institution with an international reputation. 90% of the patients are world renowned and will have many appointments. The target audience is supporters, donors, trustees, distinguished, sophisticated glitterati not necessarily traditional.

PLAN: The art needs to be high quality, welcoming and have Hollywood glamour as well as branding in support of this prominent institution. The penthouse elevator lobby opens onto the 24 seat boardroom and the adjacent conference room taking in views of the Hollywood Hills, the Hollywood Sign and a built Zen Garden. This area will be used by trustees and active donors, for the purpose of entertaining and fundraising, accommodating 40-50 guests. 

The clinic space needs to be calming, soothing and beautiful. The interior space needs to make the patients feel that they made a good decision to come here; send a message that the staff is established with integrity, the best in field with a high level of care and skill.

PROCESS: FAM's design services included a custom menu of art selections presented digitally on a 32” screen as well as a presentation of original fine art, sample art to meet the end result, specific artwork presented directly by artists and some art  viewed conceptually in location. Professional project management services included that the criteria issued for commissions and framing were scheduled to produce exact specifications and to meet the desired completion date; the receipt of shipments; insurance certificates; loading dock coordination; installation supervision and professional security installation.

Eye Clinic


  1. The artwork is original, modern, elegant, confident, and accessible with a rich layering of unique and varied materials.
  2. The mediums used include a pair of resin mixed media wall sculpture of equal size but on opposite slant panels; color infused wax paintings in rich red, white and grays; paintings of 5-8 layers of cooked and carved gesso and marble dust; mosaic resin work; a hand cut mosaic glass and mirror wall sculpture; cut silk tapestry; a branded palette knife oil painting, mixed media geographically specific work on canvas; geographically specific hand colored photographs; original works on paper and canvas.
  3. Abstract and representational imagery includes artwork by local and national artists, all artistically framed to enhance the art and the environment.


  1. Custom selections and commissioned art pieces complement and contrast with existing architectural features.
  2. The artwork is unique and high quality to reflect the company's high level of care beyond its peers, best in the field.
  3. The colors are warm and richly saturated and create a soothing, beautiful atmosphere.