Fine Art for Veterans Healthcare / by Trish Garrett Fox

Fine Art at Department of Veterans Affairs
Greater Los Angeles Healthcare
Mental Health Initiative
Fifteen Buildings
Seventeen Directors
One Thousand Pieces of Framed Art

BRIEF: We were provided with the contact information of seventeen directors who were specified for the Mental Health Initiative. The contact information corresponded with fifteen Mental Health facilities which were located within a 175 mile radius from West Los Angeles, California. The buildings ranged in size from clinics to two floor facilities.

PLAN: Set up Creative Discovery meetings with each Director to reveal their objective and to plan out the most appropriate approach. Treat each of the fifteen projects as a seamless whole, from the Discovery Phase to Concept to Presentation to Production to Delivery and Security Installation.

PROCESS: With the information from the Creative Discovery Phase we designed several types of Presentation Portfolio's - a folio of the designed space that melds our creative design approach to the need of the patient population. The Presentation styling varied from In-Person Digital Presentation Portfolios, Email Presentation Portfolios and Presentation Portfolios each beautifully displayed with practical solutions to inspire and to support the careful planning of each space.

Veterans Healthcare

OUTCOME: Works of art were carefully selected to positively delineate the way different areas of the building were being used and to address the unique patient population of each building. We transformed the corridors with beautifully framed art. We were able to transcend the joy of art into the Veteran's lives and the health care workers who support the Veteran's progress. We added color, texture and a little bit of something for everyone. We accessed our professional design skills in locating the art, making sure that the scale of the art was appropriate for each location. We achieved a flow from one type of imagery to another. The art was located so that it would get the most impact. We made sure to add impact by selecting matting and framing that would unify the space. We ensured a joyful, successful and satisfying outcome by using our design and fine art expertise to create a professionally designed environment. We made the selections, customized and purchased all of the fine art to support the message.

Note: each project had an objective based on the type of patient, the patient need and imagery was selected to "effect" change and to meet the need of each patient population. The inspiration was provided to us by each of the directors for their specific use of the space and their objectives.

Ultimately, the artwork welcomes, adds inspiration and value while it supports the varied needs and the Director's message. The artwork continues to support the Veterans and the employees while they do their important work.