Fine Art at Commercial Bank Downtown LA / by Trish Garrett Fox

11,000 Square Feet
Downtown Los Angeles, CA - Flagship Branch Office 

BRIEF: A broad scale commercial bank on the 24th Floor of a distinguished high rise building in the financial and cultural district of downtown Los Angeles. The target audience is high net worth individuals and institutions.

PLAN: The creative concept supports the interior architecture which informs the private office spaces with large, floor to ceiling glass walls. The opportunity therefore existed to use the private office walls to display the company's art collection and say through the artwork, ‘This Is Who We Are'.

PROCESS: FAM's design services included a custom menu of art selections presented digitally on a 32” screen as well as a presentation of original fine art and sample art to meet the end result. Some art was viewed conceptually in location. Professional project management services included that the criteria issued for commissions and framing were scheduled to produce exact specifications and to meet the desired completion date; the receipt of shipments; insurance certificates; loading dock coordination; installation supervision and professional security installation.

Downtown LA


  1. The mediums are unique and varied and include a series of blown glass orbs, cut silk tapestry, wall sculpture of laminated plywood, finished with aniline dye in rich mandarin orange, collectible serigraphs, original works on paper and canvas, artworks printed on the newest substrates, paintings of color infused wax, all artistically framed to enhance the art and the environment.
  2. Focal area art in the 2 smaller conference rooms and the main conference room are highly visible from the entrance.
  3. Custom selections and commissioned art pieces complement and contrast with existing architectural features.


  1. The artwork is identifiable as unique to this company. Smart and confident, relaying a rich, elegant, accessible atmosphere and includes work by internationally renowned artists.
  2. The artwork is high quality to reflect the company's - highest quality of service - quality to equal trust.
  3. The colors are upbeat and warm to create a cheerful atmosphere.